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First Year Graduate Veterinary Education (FYGVE) Program

Practical Pathology
Cytology Challenge 2: Unknowns

FNA from a dog, cutaneous mass on thorax of an 8 year old boxer dog.
FNA from firm, “crunchy” mass on right hind paw of an Airedale terrier.
FNA from an ulcerated gingival mass on a domestic shorthair cat.
Impression smear from a mass on the right thorax of a Rottweiler.
FNA from an intra-abdominal mass in a German shepherd dog.
Impression smear from enlarged axillary lymph node of a cat.
Impression smear from an intra-abdominal mass in a German shepherd.
Bone marrow smear from a dog.
Tracheal wash (cytospin) from a dog.
Blood smear from a hawk.

* Slide is courtesy of Dr. Bente Flatland (University of Tennessee)

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