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First Year Graduate Veterinary Education (FYGVE) Program

Practical Pathology
Cytology Challenge 1: Unknowns

Fine needle aspirate from a firm, subcutaneous mass on dorsum of 3 year old, intact, male, German shepherd. Handler thinks it has been present a couple of weeks.
FNA - 'small mass' right hip area of 11 yo, MN, siamese mix.
FNA-firm, 3.5cm subcutaneous mass, left lateral stifle, 7 year old, FS, beagle
FNA - 3 cm mass, deep cervical mass, left sided, displacing trachea; 15 year old, female, mixed breed dog.
FNA - right mandibular node, 8 year old, MN, labrador.
Blood smear - 4 year old, male, cocker spaniel.
FNA - 0.1 cm mass located on a digit of the left hind limb of a 5 year old, female, mixed breed dog.*
Direct smear - abdominal fluid from a 12 year old mare, one day after colic surgery.*
Direct smear - pericardial effusion from a 13 year old, neutered male, Golden.*
Smear of tissue obtained from bladder wall mass.*

* Slide is courtesy of Dr. Bente Flatland (University of Tennessee)

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