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The Department of Defense Veterinary Pathology Residency Program (DODVPRP) trains Army veterinarians in the specialty of anatomic veterinary pathology with the exit objectives of obtaining specialty board certification and preparedness to support or lead military medical research. Two core training tools in the residency education curriculum are Wednesday Slide Conference (WSC) and Veterinary Systemic Pathology (VSP).


The primary mission of the DODVPRP Web site is to provide military Veterinarian Pathologists with on-line training materials needed to complete the residency program. The on-line training materials include case studies, curriculum information, consultation results, digital images of glass specimen slides, and other text or graphical information. As a secondary mission, the DODVPR Web site provides continuing education services or references to both military and civilian Veterinarian Pathologists via on-line presentations of select case studies during the academic year.
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