JPC Systemic Pathology
April 2019

Signalment (JPC# 2370157):  A 1-year-old spayed female domestic shorthair cat

History:  This cat died unexpectedly 6 days after routine ovariohysterectomy. 

Histopathologic description:  Heart:  Diffusely, expanding the endocardium of the left ventricle up to five times normal (50um) and infiltrating and separating subjacent myofibers, there is abundant eosinophilic beaded to fibrillar material (fibrin), hemorrhage, and clear space (edema), admixed with moderate numbers of fibroblasts, neutrophils, lymphocytes, plasma cells, macrophages, and eosinophilic cellular and karyorrhectic debris (necrosis).  Multifocally, inflammatory cells infiltrate the underlying myocardium, expand the interstitium, and separate, surround, and replace cardiomyocytes that are occasionally either swollen and vacuolated (degenerate), or shrunken with hypereosinophilic sarcoplasm, loss of cross striations, and pyknotic nuclei (necrotic).

Morphologic diagnosis:  Heart, left ventricle:  Endocarditis, fibrinous, subacute, diffuse, moderate, with edema, hemorrhage, and multifocal myocarditis, domestic shorthair cat, feline.

Etiologic diagnosis:  Idiopathic endocarditis

CAUSE:  Unknown

CONDITION:  Endomyocarditis (EMC)



TYPICAL Gross findings:

TYPICAL LIGHT Microscopic findings:

Differential diagnosis:

For cardiac disease in cats:

Comparative pathology

Valvular endocarditis:



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