Musculoskeletal System
April 2019

Signalment (JPC #161962):  A 7-year-old male guinea pig

HISTORY:  This guinea pig had a 6-month history of progressive debilitation and inability to use the hind legs.

HISTOPATHOLOGIC DESCRIPTION:  Stifle joint, bone and articular cartilage:  Diffusely, the articular cartilage is either completely lost (ulcerated) or is thin with decreased matrix basophilia (loss of proteoglycans), multifocal fraying (fibrillation) of the surface cartilage, multifocal clefts perpendicular to the joint space that extend into the deep cartilage layers, and occasional clusters of disorganized hyperplastic chondrocytes (chondrones).  In areas of cartilage ulceration, the exposed bone is thickened up to 10x normal (sclerosis, eburnation).  Subchondral bone multifocally contains multiple cysts, up to 0.5mm in diameter, lined by a single layer of flattened to cuboidal cells.  These cysts occasionally contain eosinophilic fibrillar material and are surrounded by loosely-arranged spindle cells, mild hemorrhage, and hemosiderin-laden macrophages.  Multifocally at the joint margins, there are multiple cartilage-capped, irregularly-shaped proliferations of trabecular woven and lamellar bone (osteophytes) with numerous basophilic resting and reversal lines, and proliferations of fibrocartilage.  The proliferations of bone multifocally have a scalloped irregular margin with few osteoclasts present (remodeling).  The joint capsule is markedly expanded by mature fibrous connective tissue, and the synovial membrane is mildly thickened multifocally, occasionally forming papillary projections composed of hypertrophied and hyperplastic synoviocytes supported by well-vascularized connective tissue.  Within the joint space, there are low numbers of lymphocytes and necrotic mononuclear cells (synoviocytes or macrophages) mixed with eosinophilic granular to amorphous material.

MORPHOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS:  Stifle joint, bone and articular cartilage:  Cartilage degeneration, erosion, and ulceration, diffuse, severe, with fibrillation, clefting, periarticular osteophytes, subchondral bone sclerosis, and subchondral bone cysts (degenerative joint disease), guinea pig (Cavia porcellus), rodent.

CONDITION:  Degenerative joint disease (DJD)

SYNONYMS:  Osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis, degenerative arthropathy










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