October 2018

Signalment (JPC# 1801669):  A young cat


HISTOPATHOLOGIC DESCRIPTION:  Small intestine:  Diffusely there is marked blunting, fusion, and loss of villi with multifocal loss and replacement of crypts by small amounts of karyorrhectic and cellular debris (necrosis), edema, hemorrhage, and moderate numbers of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and neutrophils.  Remaining crypts are ectatic, lined by attenuated epithelium, and crypt lumens contain degenerate neutrophils, necrotic debris and sloughed necrotic epithelial cells (crypt abscesses). There is multifocal crypt regeneration with crypts lined by hypertrophied and piled up, hyperplastic epithelium with a coarse nuclear chromatin pattern. Multifocally, within the surrounding lamina propria, there are increased numbers of neutrophils and few vessels contain fibrin thrombi.  The submucosa is moderately expanded by hemorrhage, fibrin, clear space with ectatic lymphatics (edema), few perivascular lymphocytes and plasma cells, and macrophages with intracytoplasmic erythrocytes (erythrophagocytosis).  Multifocally in the tunica muscularis, there is mild perivascular edema with few lymphocytes and plasma cells.

Lymph node, mesenteric:  Multifocally, there is mild lymphoid depletion of follicles with accentuation of the stromal and sinusoidal architecture, and follicular germinal centers often contain many macrophages.  Diffusely, the subcapsular and medullary sinuses are expanded by numerous erythrocytes admixed with low numbers of foamy macrophages with phagocytized erythrocytes (erythrophagocytosis), lymphocytes, plasma cells, neutrophils, small amounts of fibrin, edema, and karyorrhectic debris.   


  1. Small intestine:  Enteritis, necrohemorrhagic, acute, diffuse, marked, with villus atrophy, and crypt necrosis, breed unspecified, feline.
  2. Lymph node, mesenteric: Lymphoid depletion, multifocal, mild.
  3. Lymph node, mesenteric: Draining hemorrhage, acute, diffuse, moderate, with mild sinus histiocytosis and erythrophagocytosis. 

ETIOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS:  Parvoviral enteritis

CAUSE:  Feline parvovirus; Feline panleukopenia virus

CONDITION:  Feline panleukopenia; feline enteritis; feline distemper








For feline enteritis:



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