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Read-Only Case Details Reviewed: Mar 2010

January 2019
R- F01

Signalment (JPC# 1421031):  Bovine fetus


HISTOPATHOLOGIC DESCRIPTION (Slide a):  Chorioallantois:  Diffusely there is loss of chorionic villar epithelium of the cotyledon and replacement by abundant eosinophilic cellular and karyorrhectic debris (necrosis) admixed with few lightly basophilic, 2-4 um wide, infrequently septate hyphae that have parallel walls and dichotomous, right angle branching as well as fibrin, basophilic granular mineral and moderate numbers of lymphocytes, plasma cells, macrophages, and fewer neutrophils.  Multifocally within low to moderate numbers of sloughed trophoblasts and extracellularly in the necrotic debris there are colonies of 1-2um coccobacilli.  The chorioallantoic stroma is expanded by similar inflammatory cells with hemorrhage, fibrin, edema and scattered necrotic debris and mineral.  Multifocally within vessels there is disruption of the tunica intima and tunica media with replacement by cellular and karyorrhectic debris and rare fungal hyphae (necrotizing vasculitis).  Multifocally within the cellular debris on the allantoic membrane of the intercotyledonary chorioallantois, as well as enmeshed within fibrin and debris along the margin of the parietal yolk sac, there are many fungal hyphae.  The yolk sac stroma is infiltrated by neutrophils, lymphocytes and macrophages admixed with  small amounts of necrotic debris.

Haired skin:  There is multifocal mild epidermal hyperplasia, acanthosis, spongiosis and orthokeratotic hyperkeratosis admixed with few previously described fungal hyphae.  Diffusely, the superficial dermis is infiltrated by moderate numbers of lymphocytes, plasma cells and fewer macrophages, and there is separation of dermal collagen by increased clear space (edema).  There is a focal intra-corneal pustule composed of few degenerate neutrophils.  The follicle subjacent to this pustule is hyperkeratotic and contains a small amount of amorphous eosinophilic cellular debris and few degenerate neutrophils (folliculitis).

Slide b (Periodic Acid Schiff):  PAS positive fungal hyphae that are 2-4 um wide, infrequently septate,  parallel walled, and having dichotomous, right angle branching present on the allantoic membrane, parietal yolk sac within chorioallantoic stroma and vessels, and within the stratum corneum of the skin. 


  1. Placenta, chorioallantois: Placentitis, necrotizing, subacute, diffuse, moderate, with necrotizing vasculitis, coccobacilli and fungal hyphae, breed unspecified, bovine.
  2. Haired skin: Dermatitis, subacute, diffuse, moderate, with multifocal orthokeratotic hyperkeratosis and few superficial fungal hyphae. 

ETIOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS:  Mycotic placentitis and dermatitis







Both cotyledonary and intercotyledonary bovine placentitis:

Late term abortion in cattle:

Fetal dermatitis with multifocal dermal plaques:

Amniotic fluid changes: thick, white, yellow



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