January 2018

Signalment (JPC #1667565):  1‑year‑old male Doberman pinscher

HISTORY:  Hematuria for six months

HISTOPATHOLOGIC DESCRIPTION:  Urinary bladder:  Infiltrating and replacing the subepithelial connective tissue and elevating the overlying markedly hyperplastic and multifocally ulcerated epithelium is a 1 x 2 cm, unencapsulated, poorly circumscribed, infiltrative, multilobular, variably dense, polypoid neoplasm composed of spindle cells arranged in interlacing streams and bundles separated by scant eosinophilic fibrillar matrix.  Neoplastic cells are most dense beneath the mucosa (cambium layer) and less dense at the deeper aspects with few neoplastic cells embedded in a myxomatous matrix.  Neoplastic cells have variably distinct cell borders, moderate to abundant eosinophilic fibrillar cytoplasm, oval to elongate nuclei containing coarsely stippled chromatin, and small indistinct nucleoli.  The mitotic rate averages 1 per 10 HPF’s.  There are scattered, large, rectangular multinucleated neoplastic cells with tandem peripheralized nuclei and prominent cross striations (strap cells).  The mucosa is diffusely hyperplastic with formation of papillary projections or has areas of ulceration and hemorrhage.  There is multifocal submucosal edema with moderate numbers of neutrophils.

MORPHOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS:  Urinary bladder: Botryoid rhabdomyosarcoma, Doberman pinscher, canine.







Actin and myosin filaments, polyribosomes, Z-bands, and mitochondria are prominent in botryoid RMS, laryngeal muscle tumors (both rhabdomyomas and RMS), and RMS that is not further classified (RMS not otherwise specified [NOS])





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