December 2017

Signalment:  4-year-old woolly monkey, gender unspecified

HISTORY:  Unknown

HISTOPATHOLOGIC DESCRIPTION: Kidney: Approximately 70% of arteries and arterioles are tortuous and frequently the intima are circumferentially and moderately thickened by the deposition of eosinophilic, fibrillar material (collagen, elastic fibers), which narrows and occasionally occludes vessel lumina. The tunica media of these vessels is moderately thickened by concentric layers of loosely arranged leiomyocytes (smooth muscle hyperplasia and "onion skinning"). Leiomyocytes occasionally have vacuolated sarcoplasm and hyperchromatic nuclei (degeneration). Frequently, the tunica adventitia of these vessels is mildly expanded by fibrosis. Multifocally, infiltrating the cortical interstitium and often linearly tracking vessels, there are numerous lymphocytes and plasma cells mixed with loosely arranged fibrous connective tissue (fibrosis), minimal hemorrhage and few hemosiderin-laden macrophages, which surround, separate and replace tubules and glomeruli. Among the remaining tubules, there is often tubular atrophy and loss, or tubules are ectatic and lined by attenuated epithelium. Tubules occasionally contain eosinophilic, homogenous, flocculent or granular material (granular casts and tubular proteinosis). Multifocally, Bowman’s capsule is mildly thickened by fibrous connective tissue and occasionally there is segmental or global glomerulosclerosis and atrophy of glomerular tufts. Within the medulla, there is marked interstitial fibrosis with similar tubular changes. Multifocally, the overlying capsule is undulant with multifocal indentations in areas with subjacent inflammation,  and fibrosis.


  1. Kidney, arteries and arterioles: Arteriosclerosis, hyperplastic, circumferential, multifocal, moderate, woolly monkey, (Lagothrix lagothrica), primate.
  2. Kidney: Nephritis, tubulointerstitial, lymphoplasmacytic, chronic, diffuse, moderate with fibrosis, glomerulosclerosis and tubular proteinosis.

ETIOLOGIC DIAGNOSIS: Idiopathic hypertensive renal arteriosclerosis

CAUSE: Essential (Idiopathic) hypertension









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